Hidden potential and false hope

Last month the Hannover Messe took place. This year it was an online event between 90.000 registered people. The registration process of the event has resulted in an interesting database containing information about the interests of people coming from a specific industry and the supply of different technologies aimed at different industries. Based on this … Read more

98 companies moved from UK to the Netherlands due to fears of Brexit

98 companies from the United Kingdom have moved to the Netherlands for fear of approaching Brexit and another 325 companies think about a move, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) reports Monday. The NFIA is an implementation organisation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Netherlands attracts mainly companies from the financial sector, ICT, media … Read more

Flexible strength gains 48 percent less than permanent employee

Employees with a flexible employment contract earn an average of 48 percent less than employees with a fixed employment, reports the Central Statistical Office (CBS). Corrected for background characteristics such as age and training, the wage difference is 7 percent. Especially call forces and temporary employees without fixed hours deserve less than their colleagues in … Read more