The Netherlands want to maintain the positive tax climate for foreign companies at all costs

Many parties acknowledge that the tax climate at debate has been put under pressure in the last years. However, in the 90s this strategy was conscious chosen. The Netherlands wanted this companies since they provide tax revenues and jobs. If other countries want to change this, the Netherlands will not make haste. Simply competition Add … Read more

8% of European Headquarters based in the Netherlands

Ernst & Young did a research among 7 European countries and found out where headquarters are based. 60% are based in the UK, 10% are based in France, Germany is next followed by the Netherlands 8%. The climate for establishing in the Netherlands is rated 7,8. Source:

For SMEs the Netherlands are a good country to start a new establishment

BDO Accountants & Adviseurs has done a research among 174 countries. Contestants of the interview favored the Dutch product location due to the central location in Europe and the International oriented financial arrangements. In third place the Netherland seem far more attracktive then Germany (12e), Japan (15e) and Us (20e). Besides the favorable tax climate, the … Read more