ARS Embedded systems helps companies who want to build an electronic product, but do not have skills or in-house resources to do it properly.

Their expertise is focused on the development of connected products, taking the whole system approach, from sensors to connectivity. We help them find clients and partners in the Netherlands.


ITB offers a Product Information Management Solution for Technical Wholesalers. Typically companies with over 50.000 articles which have to be published to different channels, like website, brochure, ERP, CRM, Marketplaces, pricelists etc. We help ITB find clients on the Dutch market.


kühn & weyh Create and Optimize Documents Designed to Communicate With end Customers. For 35 years their business has focused on development and sales of standard products for text processing and document output. The result is the M/ Series product suite for document creation and output management. For kühn & weyh we have  written a marketreport showing the potential of different marketsegments.


An anonymous client wrote the following in one of our email conversations:

ich finde es super, wie Sie sich präzise bei mir melden (genau, wie vereinbart).


Logo-Gilde-MaintenanceGilde Maintenance offers a solution for the management of objects within objects. They have a strong foothold within maintenance departments which have to manage the preventive and corrective maintenance of machines and their subparts. We help Gilde Maintenance in an advisory role to optimise the sales process and to determine focus in the development roadmap.


Logo-PreveroPrevero offers a BI solution on top of ERP systems that are in place, which makes the life of CFO’s and group controllers much easier. Prevero is based in München and has over 4500 international clients. We have represented Prevero on the Dutch market untill they mergered with Unit4 in the Netherlands. Christian Fillinger, our principle at Prevero wrote the following reference:

As we wanted to further expand our business in the Benelux, I searched for ‘marketing/cold calling agencies’ in the Netherlands with a solid track record and experiences in developing a software market, for which mainly CFOs and Controllers are the target group. After a careful selection process, we contracted Business Developer NL / Arthur Scholten. We discussed and planned how we want to tackle the challenges that he then executed thereafter. In a nutshell: he has done an outstanding job, works very structured and diligent and has proven to understand and market complex BI solutions.


Templa CMS contract cleaning software is a contract management software package with integrated accounts and payroll, designed specifically for cleaning companies. Its unique attraction is the way it stores all the information required to manage your company’s cleaning contracts in a centralised contract database, and then delivers tight control of all the contract elements through its modular design.

We have helped Templa CMS by creating a list of potential local partners that already have payrolling in place and could integrate with their CRM system. Templa is based in the UK.


As a pure consulting firm with 28 employees, @-yet focuses on: IT Risk Management, Out & Cloud, Security Awareness. @-yet is based in Germany near the Dutch border. For @-yet we have created a list of potential clients. Furthermore we offered support while visiting a business event in the Netherlands. On the Dutch market @-yet really stands out due to their long experience with the whole spectrum of IT security, including the securing in OT, SCADA, IoT, Industry 4.0.


RVO-logo-nlRVO is the Dutch government bureau for entrepreneurs. Through the help of RVO we have met several clients. One of our success stories has been written and published by the RVO. The article can be found HERE


Logo NordlogicNordlogic Software is a Romanian company specialized in Software Development and Consulting for both domestic and international clients. For Nordlogic we are prospecting new assignment in the field of Webdesign, App design, Intranet etc. as a direct contractor or subcontractor. For this we have first created a list of potential clients.


Sintarisintari-logo is a strong software development company with a lot of experience in software development in an international setting. We research the Dutch market and look for potential for the services that Sintari can provide here in the areas: Hadoop & cloud development, M/E-health, Business Intelligence, Mobile development, UI/UX.


Veneberglogo-veneberg is a DIY store with many business clients. These clients have asked Veneberg for a way to order online. We guide the project with the aim to deliver a working webshop for business clients.

Tensei is more than just a data migration tool by providing a holistic approach in the fields of data migration, data transformation and data integration with high adaptability. See more at:

logo_green3We help Wegtam to discover clients and partners in the Netherlands. The Wegtam Search Engine technology for business clients allows the uniformal search over distributed data sources. We help Wegtam to discover clients in the Netherlands.

A quote by CEO Frank Thiessenhusen:

He is doing a great job as distribution partner for our software tools

The Dutch company van Meijel Automatisering creates Software for Construction companies. In order to ready the company for the future a change programme was started. As a project leader we structure and guide all improvement initiatives in an environment where employees can show initiatives and use their talents.

The Belgian company DiscoverEdge was looking for a way to enter the Dutch
market. DiscoverEdge offers easy-to-implement software solutions that help CFOs manage two of their greatest challenges: cash & working capital. By extracting value from the existing ERP, the Working Capital Manager & Cash Forecasting solutions will help CFOs to optimize their cash management in a few clicks.

In a 3 month period we have contacted top100 companies in the Netherland and Germany to look for potential clients. Together with these clients we have discovered what needs to be added in software, service, approach and pricing, in order for the solution to be ready for the biggest companies in the world. The result was a clear roadmap for DiscoverEdgde. Responsible for: – Working Capital Manager business development – advisory

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