How to plan for Exporting to NL

Many companies have a product that is suitable for exporting to the Netherlands. And many of those companies also have considered exporting. But often the thought remains a dream. With this export plan we would like to show that exporting is not as difficult as it may seem, when you work with the right local partner. We can help.

This plan is a general plan and does not aim to be complete. Its purpose is to help companies to change their dream into a doable plan. We will help you realize that dream.

Internal Check

Before you start considering to export to the Netherlands, you should check if your company is ready for this. The following questions apply:

Is all marketing material ready

  • is all marketing material available in English or Dutch (product descriptions, manuals, brochures, website, demo material, software, software demo’s)
  • does your marketing material contain Dutch examples (especially images with text)
  • do your video’s contain Dutch or English subtitles

Is your logistics ready?

  • where will you keep stock (should we find a stock location for you?)
  • how will your ship your goods to the client and what are the costs of transportation
  • how will you handle goods that are returned
  • are there customs specifics that need to be arranged
  • how will you handle local implementations/installations

Is your internal company ready

  • is your telephone menu available in English or Dutch
  • could you handle a support question from a Dutch client by phone or email
  • are email templates available in Dutch or English
  • are invoices available in Dutch or English
  • how will you handle requests that apply only to Dutch clients

Is the financial support ready

  • do you have a budget for an agent
  • do you have a budget for marketing activities (advertising, fairs)
  • have you applied the correct tax rules (21%, 6%, 0%)

Market check

Now it is time to wonder how you want to approach the Dutch market. The following questions apply:

What is the motive for starting with exporting to the Netherlands

  • we expect the Dutch market to have equal opportunities compared to our current Market
  • we expect the Dutch market to have better opportunities compared to our current Market
  • we need to expand our market to support the needed growth of our company
  • we want to do an experiment but we want to protect our current market
  • the strategic geographic location of the Netherlands is needed for our growth model
  • of all countries we examined the Dutch market will be the most open to our product

How do you want to enter the market

  • we work with an agent who represents us and who will hand over all sales orders.
  • we work with an agent who represents us and can do local implementations
  • we work with an agent who has the ambition to start our office in the Netherlands
  • we work with an agent who will find distributors for us
  • we will start off with an agent and continue from there

What is the marketing strategy according to the Ansoff Matrix


How can the target group be reached

  • phone
  • email
  • post
  • visiting
  • online advertising (Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Sanoma)
  • online video advertising (youtube, videostrip)
  • newspaper advertising (Wegener Media, NRC, Volkskrant, Financieel dagblad, AD, …)
  • busstop poster (Abri)
  • (business) event (Jaarbeurs Utrecht, RAI, Evenementhallen, …)

What is the market potential en what are your chances

  • to find relevant market information on pricing, competition, satisfaction, budget, and number of potentials, we suggest our Guerilla Research method
  • do a SWOT analyses
  • calculate for a lead-in period

We would like to emphasize that we can start helping you before you start with acquisition activities or before you activate an Agent (which we also do). For writing your specific plan you will need specific information on the Dutch market. We can help you with this. Feel free to contact us.

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