Check and translate available Dutch Market reports

There are multiple organization in the Netherlands that publish good information on market developments. This information can be of great value in two ways.


Dutch Market potential and SWOT

When you are investigating the market in the Netherlands and you are looking for potential risks and opportunities there is some great information available.


Find the Dutch Sweetspot

When you need to know where the sweet spot in the market is, you need to know where the money is and how the targetgroup can best be reached. Many available reports include information between the lines that can help to find the sweetspot.


Find and translate the information

The only trouble is that the available information is in Dutch and hidden in Dutch websites. But help is on its way. We can find and translate this information for you. We will look at the industry you are in and find the information that is relevant for you. We will check the available information at

  • CBS (Centraal Bureau Statistiek (Statistical Research organization of the Government))
  • Rabobank (Cijfers en Trend )
  • ING Bank (kennis over de Economy)



The result will be a report containing the information that is relevant for you and your current information request in English. The report can be used for your marketing plan, market entrance strategy and you sales approach.


Feel free to contact us if you want us to do this and if you have any questions.

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