Interview Potentials

Interviewing Potentials

In this step we can contact for example 20 potentials and find out the following

  • How satisfied are the potentials with their current solution
  • Is this dissatisfaction in the potentials top 5 of problems that need fixing and that will be invested in
  • Is budget available this year or next year
  • What prices are used by the competition
  • Would the potential reconsider their current supplier

Reconsider Exporting to NL

Based on the results of the interview you can estimate the chance of success. Three main questions should be answered.

  • Is your product or service able to better satisfy the potentials
  • Are you able to compete with the current prices
  • Is the effort needed to complete a sales cycle acceptable

If all these questions can be answered with Yes, your are ready for thet next step: Representation by an agent

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to interview your potentials. You won’t need €30.000,- to do this marketing research. Our guerilla research method will give you the results you need at an estimated prise of € 3.000,-

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