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Exporting to NL starts with the creation of a list of potential clients. The size of this list is a first indication of the potential of your products and services. Although it is not only quantity but also quality that counts. The easiest way to make such a list is to use the same profile of the clients in the homeland. The only prerequisite is that you need to have a good definition of the target group in your homeland. How would you describe your best clients in order to find similar clients? We have created a document that explains how this can be done. This profile can be used to make a list of similar clients in the Netherlands.


Create a similar list for me

Our advantage is that we are able to read Dutch, so we can make use of available information in Dutch. Each industry is organized in a different way. Sometimes the creation of a list is as easy as finding a members list of an industry representing organization. Sometimes a more indirect method is needed. Either way you need to know where to find the information. We can help you create a list.



In some cases there are differences between the homeland and the Dutch market. In these cases a new profile needs to be created for your Dutch potentials. The question rises if it would be wise to create a profile that is as close to the homeland profile as possible or if a different approach is needed. To be able to answer this question you need to know and feel the Dutch market. We can help you here.

Quality of the list

If at some point relevant information can easily be obtained and added to the list it would be wise to do so. If more effort is needed to find and add the information then only the required information should be added to the list. At this stage a list of company names will be enough to get a feeling of the market potential. Later on this list can be used to interview the potentials for further market information. New client data will be added to the list. In the end the list should enable a sales agent to do his work. Contact persons and contact details have to be added.

Quality of the reach of your potentials

A relevant aspect in defining the profile of the target group is how the target group can be reached. A target group that is very open to you products and able to buy it will still be worthless if you can’t connect to this group. The question needs to be answered how the target group can best be reached. Is it by: phone, visiting, email, fairs, Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, Google+, Google Adwords, newspaper adds, magazine adds, blogs, brochures, flyers, sms, billboards, Abris, skybox, TV , Radio, … This could¬† mean that the target group is smaller than the complete market potential.

Quality versus quantity

A sales agent has to divide his time and energy  over the list of potential. If the list is to long it will be impossible to create a self sustaining critical mass. A large list of potential client could mean that the profile definition lags focus. This can also result in large marketing expenses.

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