Part-time agent for specialists

If your company produces a highly specialized product and/or delivers products to a niche market, chances are that your potentials are widely spread over multiple countries, with only a few but very interesting clients per country. How could you setup sales?
Clients spread over NetherlandsIf you are contemplating whether or not to setup or increase sales activities in a specific country, you would almost certainly struggle with the idea that the area is too small or contains too few potentials to hire a sales agent. On the other hand your missing out on some great deals that could be closed with two or three potentials. Potentials you know that are there, but you don’t know by name.

In this case we can help you out in two ways. We can do a project with the aim to contact all your potentials in the Netherlands and find leads. The project is limited in time and after the project you will receive all contact information, with which you can continue. Or we can offer to do the sales representation part-time.

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