Sales Agent

When you know that there is a good potential for your product in the Netherlands you can start selling your product in the Netherlands. But how will you do this. If you do not speak the language it can be quite challenging to find the right contact person. Most job descriptions are in Dutch, and they sometimes only exist in the Netherlands. Furthermore the receptionist might not speak your language. When sending an e-mail with further information, what language will you use. And most of all. in a sales proces will you be able to spot the none-verbal hesitations of the client?

We can be your agent in the Netherlands. We speak the language. We know where to look and at which network events and fairs we should be. We know how to represent your product and how to close a deal. We can even do this part-time. Do you want us to represent you. Lets meet on Skype. Call us - Call us on skype

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