We help (software)companies start and grow on the market in the Netherlands. We offer different approaches.

A Modern Approach to finding clients or partners

One of the approaches could be this one.  We can start by researching if there is a demand for your product. We can look at search volumes in google, Chamber of Commerce data, branch society information, bank reports etc. to give you an inside in the dutch market. We can translate existing marketing reports and translate them for you. We use a practical approach that should result in a practical report. Based on that report you can decide if you want to continue or not.

List of potential clients or partners

Next we can create a list of potential clients or partners. This list consists of a company and a contact person. It is advisable to add more data to the profile of these potentials to be able to better filter them. This helps to get results faster. For example their website, email address, postal address, Linkedin-page, Alexa-page ranking, number of employees, type of website, etc. We need to know from your side what in your experience is the best target-group and what details are most interesting.

Cold calling or email marketing

In the next step we would typically start contacting the potentials. We would like to know with which approach you have been most successful so far. Maybe we can copy that success. During this phase we will inform you proactively on the progress made and if adjustment is needed to improve the chance of success.

Onside demo, creating an offer, deal closing

Depending on you wishes we can do an onside demo, create an offer and do the deal closing. In the end the contract will be between the potential and your company.

Other services

Other services not mentioned above are:

  • translation of the website, brochures, software
  • reporting on needed adaptation of the software to the specifics of the Dutch market
  • setting up a business
  • finding an office or warehouse location
  • defining a market entrance strategy
  • advisory services
  • SEO services for your website
  • blogging in Dutch
  • running advertising campaigns
  • setting up marketing automation
  • find distributors, importers, partners
  • representation at business events
  • address location in the Netherlands with services to process post.

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