Export to Germany hardly grew in 2015

The export from the Netherland to Germany grew only 0,4% in 2015 (source DNHK) ABout 20% of all Dutch export goes to Germany. The export of Germany towards the Netherlands grew 9,3%. in 2014 this was 4,4%. Last year the Netherlands ended third as most important tradepartne of Germany, behind the US and France. In 2014 … Read more

Warehous company Macro shrinks

Macro is a wholesales with multiple locations where companies can go shopping. Especially small hostels, bad and breadfast and hotels go their. Marcor is part of the Germand Metro Group. Macro terminated 600 jobs and shrinks it assortiment from 65.000 products to 32.000.  50 miljon will be spend in the upcoming 3 years for renewal. The … Read more